Puteri Harbour

Puteri Harbour

Puteri Harbour is the jewel of Nusajaya. This waterfront precinct, is an integrated waterfront and marina development that spans 688 acres offering a panoramic view of the Straits of Johor. Puteri Harbour redefines luxury living and offers boundless real estate benefits to the astute investor. Located adjacent to Kota Iskandar (Johor state new administrative centre), Puteri Harbour will be a unique luxurious lifestyle community, offering the experience of exceptional waterfront living, dining, entertainment, the arts and culture in a safe and picture postcard natural setting.

Imagine a premier waterfront and marina precinct featuring waterfront residences with access to the open sea, ritzy commercial developments, an eclectic mix of restaurants and trendy entertainment outlets, and a promenade overlooking marinas and the Straits of Johor, all accessible via land and water transport.
It is an ideal location for global or regional commerce and events, with state-of-the-art facilities and a business-friendly environment that will create world-class personal or business investment opportunities.

Puteri Harbour’s development components comprise waterfront residential (prime waterfront properties), commercial development (offices and retail shops), FAME ( Food & beverage outlets, Arts, Music and Entertainment), transportation hub (water transport terminal for water taxis and ferry, bus terminal, tram and LRT station), a marina (berthing, chandlery and accommodation facilities for boaters, yachters, boat/yacht charter owners/operators and water sports owners/operators) and a Cultural Park initiated and owned by the Johor State Government.

Discover inspiration, discover romance

This prestigious waterfront address enjoys the distinction of being the Jewel of Nusajaya – South East Asia’s foremost and largest integrated urban development covering 24,000 acres. Sitting on 688 acres of prime waterfront land, this exciting and breathtaking waterfront development charts a new attitude to luxury living that will inspire and move you.
Signatures at Puteri Harbour

In Puteri Harbour, you will be greeted by picture postcard settings everywhere you turn. Puteri Harbour has as its signatures, lush and crafted landscaping that can be experienced throughout the development. Gardens rule the open spaces bringing a natural resort-like setting to the modern and luxurious spaces in Puteri Harbour.

LATITUDE 1º25’N; Longitude 103º39.5’E; Puteri Harbour is home to the southernmost marina on the mainland of continent Asia, making it a must visit destination on the world sailing map. This exquisite marinas is designed to cater to the sailing fraternity The Puteri Harbour Public Marina provides ample berthing for sailboats and yachts of up to LOA 60m. It can accommodate 76 yachts at a time and enjoys 24-hour security. The Public Marina is served by its dedicated Clubhouse and together has all the conveniences, services and facilities that one would expect from a world-class sailing destination.

At the mouth of the outer lagoon sits the Puteri Harbour Mega-Yacht Marina. This Mega-Yacht Marina will accommodate super yachts of up to LOA 100m. In keeping with the services and facilities befitting a world-class sailing destination, the Puteri Harbour Mega-Yacht Marina also provides personalised services for a pleasant and unforgettable visit.

Host and home to a splashing good time

Puteri Harbour is also host and home to a full palette of water activities that include canoeing, paddle boating, yachts for charter, boat cruises and joy rides plus fishing trips and a fire fly adventure. Contact us to make reservations or for more information. A splashing good time awaits you at Puteri Harbour.

Coming to Puteri Harbour is like walking into another space, another lifestyle, another world. This new attitude to luxury has a freer spirit, a sense of adventure tempered with an appreciation of the finer things in life. This spirit is evident in Puteri Harbour, from the architecture to the landscaping – Puteri Harbour lives and breathes a new attitude to luxury.

The Puteri Harbour Residential and Commercial precincts are designed to capture the best out of a waterfront location, setting and living experience. Distinctiveness weave through the whole environment of Puteri Harbour from the architecture of commanding commercial towers, delightful apartments with picturesque vistas, sprawling waterfront villas and eclectic harbour view retail outlets to sculpted gardens, aesthetic street furniture, signature bridges and beautiful walkways – design is entwined in Puteri Harbour’s way of life.

Romantic havens Seductive sanctuaries

The Residential Precincts of Puteri Harbour sit at both ends of the 688 acre development. Featuring Canal and Garden Homes, the North and South Residential Precincts are also known as Bayu di Puteri and Dayung di Puteri respectively. These contemporary designed waterfront homes create a new sense of waterfront living at the southernmost marinas and waterfront development of mainland Asia that is not found elsewhere. These beautiful and tranquil residences on the water’s edge seduce us into a calming state of being – slow and laid-back yet exciting and invigorating. Its breathtaking vistas transform and change throughout the day like different acts in a play – inviting, absorbing and inspiring.

Breathtaking vistas for your pleasure.

Imagine lounging on the sun deck, enjoying the tropical waterfront vistas of the sailboats and yachts slicing through the calm waters, having dinner on your private jetty or watching the lights of the promenade dance across the lagoons from the privacy of your balcony. See the myriad of colours as the sky is painted during sunrise and sunset matched only by their reflections across the lagoons.

Designed to inspire. Designed to amaze. Designed to move you

These waterfront sanctuaries in South Johor – the Residences at Puteri Harbour is a prestigious address offering a multitude of living spaces ranging from canal housing and waterfront villas to condominiums and waterfront apartments designed to inspire, to amaze and to move you all at once. Living in Puteri Harbour is waterfront living the way it should be – for boaters and non-boaters alike.

The Commercial Precincts The Puteri Harbour Commercial Precincts, also known as The Laksamana & Nakhoda Precincts, form the main business districts of Puteri Harbour. Planned with painstaking detail, each precinct is divided into 2 districts by an avenue that cuts through each commercial precinct. Expressive working spaces District 1, which sits adjacent to the crescent of the Public Marina is for business dominated activities. The amazing harbour view vistas are maximised both by the locations of the iconic buildings and by the ‘sunken’ buildings around the crescent of the Public Marina. This composition of towers atop the 7 – 8 storey retail podiums creates the distinguished Puteri Harbour skyline. Exquisite business backdrops Inspired by the resort-living experience, District 2 of the Puteri Harbour Commercial Precincts are designed to encourage walking. Shaded and landscaped walkways and covered verandas form open intimate spaces that engage you as you stroll along them. Courtyard spaces creating inspiring and expressive working spaces are integral to the whole atmosphere and experience of The Nakhoda Commercial Precinct. Inspiring open and living spaces The Commercial South or Laksamana Precinct consists of a wide array of living spaces with its boutique and serviced apartments, all distinctively designed with inspiring open and living spaces.
Painstakingly designed Lovingly tendered

Every Puteri Harbour garden is painstakingly designed and crafted. The themed gardens along the Promenade, such as the Water Garden, Spice Garden, Medicinal Garden, Epiphyte Garden and Scent Garden, are specially designed and landscaped to bring about a specific experience. Complementing the gardens is an eclectic array of street furniture that is both pleasing to the eyes and functional. The exclusively designed street furniture adds to the cultured open spaces of this exquisite waterfront experience.

Defining experiences Signature bridges

The two signature bridges of Puteri Harbour are aesthetically inspiring and beautifully functional. The ‘Operable’ Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that slides on to itself allowing taller yachts to sail through into the Public Marina. The Tensegrity Pedestrian Bridge is a work of art that joins the Crescent walkways along the western shore of the Puteri Lagoon.

Connections at Puteri Harbour

Getting around Puteri Harbour is a pleasant experience for both the eyes and the body. Its convenient and well planned network of boulevards with overhead and underground pedestrian passages, avenues with lush landscaping and streets interwoven with pedestrian paths and walkways make exploring Puteri Harbour a breeze. All routes including public transport routes and pedestrian routes are designed as an integral part of the street layout that covers an integrated system for cars and vehicles, pedestrians and water taxis – all providing a different experience of Puteri Harbour.

Take a walk along the promenade and experience the many gardens and eclectic street furniture; enjoy the side walk cafés as you stay connected online or immerse yourself in a good book; lose track of time in a satisfying session of retail therapy at the branded outlets along the promenade and in the waterfront shops. Be invigorated by the vistas of rolling clouds as boats and yachts sail into the marina. Tickle your taste buds with the sumptuous range of international cuisine, fusion delicacies and local fare before you hit the vibrant night entertainment scene by the lagoons. Lighting up the night

Night time brings a new experience to the Promenade as the Harbour takes on a different persona. Pulsing, alive, vivacious. Puteri Harbour at night is an experience that calls out to the merry makers in all of us. It is a canvas of entertaining experiences as colourful as the lights that dance across the lagoon. Its night rhythm invites you to let your hair down and slip on your dancing shoes – revelling in its beat.

For a slower, idyllic pace, savour the exquisite fine dining, share conversations at the open yet intimate spaces of the many themed restaurants or take a leisurely stroll along the water’s edge – as beautiful as it is therapeutic.

Let the illumination from the Promenade relax you as it forms an ever changing canvas of dancing lights reflected on the calm water’s surface, easing away the frenetic pace of the day. For those in love, it is the ideal romantic setting to lose yourselves in the moment.

Sitting at the centre of Puteri Harbour is the Puteri Precinct that is made up of the Puteri Harbour Public Marina, the Crescent and the Promenade. The pulse of activity, Puteri Precinct is a cacophony of sights, sounds, tastes and experiences – epitomising the waterfront lifestyle that is luxury’s new attitude.

The 15m wide Puteri Promenade stretches 2.5 idyllic kilometres creating a space that comes alive with a host of leisurely activities. The lovingly tendered themed gardens create a host of colours and sensory experiences with its cultured mix of tropical flora and gentle rolling slopes. Beautiful and strong indigenous rainforest trees are strategically planted to frame the amazing waterfront vistas while tenderly shading you with their broad and sculptured canopies. You will find open yet intimate cultured spaces that bring a sense of solace and solitude, ideal for that little personal space to sit back and relax in a lush atmosphere that complements the many al fresco side walk cafés, eateries and lengths of branded retail outlets along the crescent.

Luxury at your leisure

Puteri Harbour is also home to world-class hotels, service apartments and resorts. Enjoy the best in hospitality at the select hotels of Puteri Harbour, while the resort on the Tanjung Peninsular is an ideal getaway for the hurried and weary soul. The service apartments sitting across the lagoon provide scenic vistas of the Marina and the Promenade and at night, the lights dance across the lagoon in a rhythm distinctively Puteri Harbour.

A Waterfront Convention Centre caters to the business side of things, being the perfect location for your conference, convention, meeting or exhibition in a setting unlike any other in South Johor.

Invest at Puteri Harbour

One of the latest new residential condominiums is the Puteri Cove Residences.  With its premier location, each unit at the Condo has either the Marina or Sea View.  This new development comes with fantastic facilities and fronting the marina are retail shops and a broad promenade.  Developed by Singapore Developers, quality and fineness are can be assured.


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